Lotus Protector – On Line! (1/1/2010)

Finally, I got it done – it is alive!

Just a short note on my progress with Lotus Protector V 2.5. I did not want to bring it on-line just before New Year, I wanted a clear head to set it up and be able to troubleshoot if I find an issue. Luckily, I have to say there are no issues so far.

I had putzed around with the first install I had to the point where I did not feel I could get it clean again so I removed the VMWare image and started again from scratch. Following the ‘Getting Started Guide” and using the install/config Wizard I had Protector up, configured and running within about 60 minutes (give or take a few minutes for a tea brake). I had some experience with the information I would need from my earlier testing so I believe a real “fresh” install might take a bit longer when you include the preparation time for relay host settings, accounts to access LDAP on your Domino server, lists of mail domains you will be receiving mail for, etc.

I now have Protector set up so that I route all incoming and outgoing mail through it. So far my testing has not shown any problems, all mail seems to make it through and so far I am not getting anything caught by Symantec that I am still running on the Domino servers. I plan to take a closer look at the logs in a few days to see if anything that got through Protector was subsequently snagged by Symantec. I also intend to compare an average week of mail logs between the two so see what gets caught and what got through.
I am also especially interested on the integration of Protector with the client via policies … that is going to be a really interesting part that I plan to spend some time on blogging about after I have had some time to look at it in more detail.

Stay tuned for more information soon …

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