Lotusphere coming up (12/22/2009)

Aaaahh, it’s that time of the year again! All the normal people in this world are looking forward to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or some even to Saturnalia or other year-end festivities. We in the Lotus geek community though, we are our mental preparedness for the soon to happen ascension to the Lotusphere. Until recently I had actually not planned to attend this year because of work as the company I am currently parking my car in front of is going live nationwide with a large Lotus Connections deployment the week after Lotusphere. We went pre-live (soft-live? soft launch? lukewarm semi-live launch? I never get that terminology right) last week and things are running well so far. So well actually, that I decided it was worth the conversation with the PM to argue for time off. As it turns out, it was not much of an argument. The PM is awesome and I am not the big lead on the project anyway (in plain speak: I ain’t that important – other people are) so Lotusphere here I come.

Also, I have been asked by a vendor to speak at one of their side shows and foolish me also decided to throw my hat into the ring and submit for Lotusphere Idol. Well, let’s wait and see if I even pass the first hurdle on that one and get a shot at speaking. Fingers crossed! In any case – nothing ventured, nothing gained. So now my peaceful and relaxing Christmas break just turned into a writing frenzy as I have to work on the presentation for the Vendor (more details later, I don’t want to spoil it) and also prepare should I make Lotusphere Idol – pus I have to study to take advantage of the reduced rates for certification tests at Lotusphere. I also have to finish editing the second article I have going out for The UC View soon – that one is rather involved and I will have to do some serious hunkering down to get it done just right. On top of all of that holiday cheer I have my mother in the house over the holidays and promised to take her around a bit as well as sitting in the house all day is rather boring. I guess I have to ask Santa for that time machine I was reading about, so I can get it all done on time. Or maybe I need to ask him to kook me up with a really good ghost writer, that would work as well.

So, happy Lotusphere everybody!

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