Published again – What a nice Christmas present! (12/16/2009)

Sipping a cup of tea at a Starbucks in New York City and what do I see in my in-box? A mail from the friendly editors at The View’s UC View Online – they are about to publish my second article today and my third one is on the works and in the final stages of editing.

This two article “series” (I like to think big .. for me two articles are a series) is about Lotus Connections and how to correctly implement a Pilot using the pilot installation (Article I) and then how to take that pilot to production. Lotus Connections is popping up more and more all over the place, especially since release of version 2.5 in August. I am actually currently working as part of a team that is rolling out a Lotus Connections deployment in a very large US corporation and I have to say – every day is a day of learning something new. Large deployments have their own sets of challenges as the infrastructure you will have to fit into is naturally going to be more complex and pose a new, unique challenge every day. Just wait until you have clients that have CA’s SiteMinder … the words” unique challenge” will take on a whole new meaning then! (I am not trying to put SM down, I actually like it, but it can be difficult to figure out because most SM people are not used to integrating with WebSphere). Well, that is it for today, I am off to the airport in a few hours to pick up some family that is flying in for the holidays – oh joy!!

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