What do Techies do on Christmas day? (12/25/2009)

So, what do techies do on Christmas day? Something technical, hence the word “techie”.

Get up in the morning, make yourself presentable because mom will look at that beard stubble with that look you so well know …. real gentlemen, after all, don’t appear unshaven in public. Make coffee for all (who drink it) and then make sure all the Christmas Cards and presents are under the tree and ready. The son wants his new Blackberry, so you gotta steel his phone while he is in the bathroom and take out the SIM card. The daughter is easy, nothing for now, just an IOU that promises to pay for all ballet auditions and necessary stays overnight .. and somehow that promise for the tickets to Broadway’s “Billy Elliott” got scribbled in there. Gee, that handwriting looks an awful lot like .. yeah, her handwriting for sure.
The Empress is not up yet, so off into the daughter’s room where we stashed the loot that was for her. Grandma is simple, that has all been under the tree for a while, she does not peak out of turn like the rest.

Opening and all that stuff to “Classic Christmas songs” – Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank, Dean, Roy … just like I like it.

Then, right after the Empress decides it is time to start the cooking – the Techie might mention something about “work … a self employed guy never has vacation … grumble, grumble, grumble …” and off to the home office by way of the cookie platter. There is a new CentOS VMWare server to set up and we need to get DB2 going by this afternoon for a new Lotus Connection install. I also have to make enough room for the new Sametime 8.5 environment I will be building later this week.
Maybe the techie is also editing an article for an on-line publication, something like the UCView perhaps? Yeah, that needs to be done as well – especialy since he thingks he has been on drugs when he first handed it in, it is awful and needs allot of re-writing.

But before that .. wine, cousins coming over, alllllot of finger food and .. well, that CentOS serve is only half done, I guess it will have to wait. After all, a good glass of red wine can be way more important that a VMWare server.

A techie’s Christmas can change at a moments notice I guess. Not that I would know from first person experience, but I have heard, it can transform ….

Merry Christmas!

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