Conferences and time issues


I will not be making it to Admin2010 this year, unfortunately I had an urgent, last minute request by customers who then decided to change the start date on me to do a Domino security review. This falls smack into the Admin week so I will not be able to broaden my horizon and test my ability to live on coffee, cookies and beer as my main food groups for three days … Not to mention the three chicken dishes that will be served which is originally Chris Miller’s theory – the “There will be chicken” hypothesis.


I signed up and will be going, come hell or high water …. I might even take my son along again to use him as cheap slave labor and ingratiate myself with my betters and elders … I bribe him with tickets to the the Cardinals … and the eat-all-you-can buffet at the casino … he makes sure I get my money’s worth when he eats there.

More news soon!