Poll Results

The results of my Domino tools poll are in. It looks like the results are clear – most of us have something, but there are allot of us that want more – for whatever reason. I mostly want more tools so I can get done earlier and go home, though some ill informed people have accused me of just being a geeky toolomaniac – an accusation that I strongly reject, as it is clearly baseless.

35%: I have a few home-grown tools (i.e. collection of agents, etc.) that help me get things done
26%: I have a few tools – I NEED MORE!
18%: I have a few 3rd party tools, mostly some that reside on my machine – I get along just fine
12%: I am a purist, I use only what Lotus graciously supplies us with for free (= my company is a cheapskate)
3%: My company went all-out, we have loads of tools and also employ server-based software – no overtime for me!
6%: Other

PS: I wonder how early those 3% of all respondents get to go home that answered [ My company went all out …]