My Favorite Comfort Food

japanese miso soup

Aaahh – my favorite comfort food. that is a hard one, isn’t it? But it does make your mind wander and brings back great memories all connected to one thing: food.

Well, I would have to say – Tonjiru …

For all those who don’t know what that is – it’s Japanese and in the literal translation means “Port Soup”. It is made with pork, vegetables and miso paste as the base.

I remember being dead sick while living in Japan once and being home from work for a week. I had little food in the apartment and was just not well enough to go out to the grocery store. The wife of a good friend took pity and with her two little daughters came by to bring me some food and one of the things she brought me was a big ol’ pot of Tonjiru ….. I ate that and some rice for the ext 3 days while I was getting better. Still brings back memories of warm comfort.

I still eat it from time to time now, it is my version of Chicken Soup for the soul.

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