Live from IamLUG – Evening activities and Baseball

The subject line sounds more interesting than the content – We got here yesterday, checked in and took it easy. The cold I have been trying desperately to get rid of has been beating me down so no IamLUG drinking for me last night. Today we went to the Cardinals vs Pirates game and had a blast. Albert Pujols smashed a bomb over center field. What a sight! We left in the 8th inning, just to miss Matt Holliday’s home run .. that was a major bummer! I had to go and buy a new power supply for my laptop because yours truly forgot his at home .. shame on me!

The main crowd was gathered at the bar when we got back and then filed out for dinner … I am sure they will return soon and the real drinking will commence. I will decend upon them at that time and drink club soda (alcohol and Acetaminophen don’t mix).

Twitter is quite alive with people tweeting back-and-forth, search for the tag #IamLUG to follow all the action. I will blog more on details tomorrow!

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