IamLUG: Eileen Fitzgerald – 10 Admin tips

Interesting topic from the point of view of somebody who was once on “my side” of divide (client) and is now with a vendor. Of course, giving some “secrets” away is paramount to shooting herself into the foot ….

Once the presentations become publicly available, I suggest a quick look at it.

IamLUG: Doug Cox presentation

For those who could not make it or did not get a connection to the live stream (some people complaining on twitter), here the presentation. I am timing for this to go out AFTER Doug is done (or close to being done) so that you pay attention if you are one of the people actually listening in … 😉


IamLUG – It started and is streaming live

If you are reading this, you should rather be heading over to http://iamlug.org and follow live

Update I: good giveaways this year – there is a LOTUS KNOWS pen with a 2 GB USB stick in it … incidentally it has all the interesting presentations in it that the presenters have handed in  … so far

Update II: Goodie! My favorite giveaway is a USB Skype phone …. I’m gonna be using that one

IamLUG – It starts today and you can watch it live and uncensored

Today is the day! After some IamLUG drinking and being subjected to members “Dinner Storied” of how food can be good and waiting staff can be a challenge it is finally time for the actual shindig to start.

The IamLUG blog just posted the web address where to RSVP for a live streaming of the opening keynote session by Doug Cox. Starting time is 9 AM CST – yes, St. Louis is CENTRAL TIME just like the Cardinals are in the central division.

Hope you sign up or that I see you there in person!