IamLUG: Quikr Multi Lingual

This is interesting, Viktor just showed how Quikr will change the display language automatically just by changing the browser language setting. Nothing you need to do, built-in into the server.

One server, any language. Instant.

This does not translate the content you create, but the framework itself. Awesome!

IamLUG: Quickr session by Snapps

A picture of Viktor K. Who is my evil (and taller-than-me, fellow P90X’er) twin. Evil because he is a developer. If he did not have such an awesome first name I would have to actually dislike him.

Next to him is Troy (nice fella, although he too is a developer). In the front row left, black t-shirt is Mr Quickr himself, Rob Novak. I will not make a character judgment of him based on his developer-ness, as I fear to be banished from all Quickr servers by evil voodoo from here on forth otherwise.

IamLUG: SecurTrac demo – interesting!

Sitting in the vendor session on SecurTrack – I have been looking at this product for a client and am liking more every time I look at it. Monitoring for anal retentive types.
Pricing is by server and for IamLUG attendees you get 1 free server license for every 2 licenses you buy ….. until the end of November which is a realistic time schedule.

Device Envy – it gets worse over time and now there is a new one!

Most people who work with me know II have a serious case of EVO envy. I love the Sprint EVO 4G Android phone. Some guys in the office have it and i have to hld myself back fro hitting them over the head and stealing it.

Now Blackberry just revealed the Blackberry 9800 Torch .. only on AT&T. Now I have EVO and TORCH envy at the same time. Life is not good now ….. I just hope that the Torch will be available for other carriers at some time as well. I would not mind replacing my 9700 with one and handing the device down to one of my kids as a nice used device that is better than what they have right now.

IamLUG: What comes next? Consultant in your Pocket

This is a place for a shameless plug: IamLUG is free, you most likely did not come because you are so cheap, free is still to expensive as it includes travel expenses. Or, maybe – if you are lucky, you can deflect blame to your company that they are too cheap. In any case, you are missing out on good education and a chance to learn something new and drink allot in the evening.

So, now you are in the hunt fo the next best thing: free webinars …. enter the “Consultant in your pocket” series.You can sit in front of your computer, wear your fluffy bunny slippers and do not need to shave or brush your teeth – it does not get any better than that.

Here the shameless lug: I will be hosting one of those on Sept. 1st about Lotus Protector. Almost as good as IamLUG – maybe better as you will not have to look at my but only will need to listen.

IamLUG: The Best tool you never heard about …

Just sat through the TDI session of Marie Scott and Tom “Duffbert” Duff. Really good. I work with TDI when implementing Lotus Connections mostly and use it sometimes outside of that but I did get allot of value out of this. I think EVERYBODY in the audience got something out of it. when you have a chance, download the session when it becomes available, well worth the time to look at it.