IamLUG: SecurTrac demo – interesting!

Sitting in the vendor session on SecurTrack – I have been looking at this product for a client and am liking more every time I look at it. Monitoring for anal retentive types.
Pricing is by server and for IamLUG attendees you get 1 free server license for every 2 licenses you buy ….. until the end of November which is a realistic time schedule.

4 thoughts on “IamLUG: SecurTrac demo – interesting!

  1. I have been using SecurTrac on a number of Domino servers for a few years now.

    I guess by admitting this I am letting you call me anal retentive 🙂 …. but so be it. SecurTrac has helped any number of times track down what really happened in a bunch of Notes Applications, as well as the NAB


    • It looks like exactly what I would be looking for, my current client has a need for this level of capability.
      “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” – “Who watches the watchmen?”


  2. Hi,

    Have you looked at Audit Manager on OpenNTF, i am the project chef, and i wrote it to replace some functions of SecurTrac



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