Ubuntu – it is the way to go!

I wish I had listened to my buddy Bill Malchisky and switched from Red Had Desktop to Ubuntu a while ago. I had some serious Java issues on Red Hat that I did not want to work through so I just decided to go cold turkey and install  Ubuntu 10.04 and just run with with it. Since I always kept all my volatile data on a secondary disk it was rather simple, I just downladed the iso file, burned a CD and installed over the existing Red Hat installation – after popping out the data drive so I don’t wipe it out by mistake.

I have not worked intesively with Ubuntu since V 8 so 10.04 was new to me. I did find myself fighting the urge to kick my own rear-end very soon as I should have moved a while ago! so much easier, more fun to work with, more software that can be installed without having to jump through hoops … I ain’t going back!!

My kids are in for new laptops/netbooks pretty soon and I guess Ubuntu is what they will be getting – saves allot of money for software … free is good!!

So, if you guys are looking for a quick and simple intro to Linux – go Ubuntu, it can’t get any easier than that. AND – Domino 8.5.2 runs REALLY well on it. In the words of Wayne Campbell ” Excelleeeeeeent!”

One thought on “Ubuntu – it is the way to go!

  1. Ubuntu rocks. I wish IBM would officially support 10.04 (instead of 8.04). Also, yes, it’s the perfect OS for kids (for lots of reasons). I’d suggest adding opendns.org to their DNS config to ensure safe surfing.


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