Domino on Linux series: Ubuntu

I usually try to avoid just re-hashing content somebody else put out there, I like to post less but be relevant. however, it is time to introduce one of my favorite websites … Ubuntu Geek. This site is great, I have it in my feed and there is not a day when there is not something new I learn or get reminded of a unique use of something that I might know of but had never considered alternative usage for.

Today I came across this one: Tip:How to restore accidently deleted top panel in ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

I had right-clicked once too many times on my desktop a while back and had been scratching my head on how to get that top panel back – now I save myself from another exhausting Google search and don’t have to post in a forum … Three cheers for Ubuntu Geek!

One thought on “Domino on Linux series: Ubuntu

  1. Quick note: reboot your machine after this tip – my Domino client did not like it and I had to restart to make it work. I assume it’s Eclipse having a GREAT dislike to some of the actions . . .


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