Admin Camp Germany – Slides from Ulrich Krause’s session

I had toyed with the idea to go to Admin Camp and ILUG this year, but other plans got in the way. I have been keeping tabs on the blogging of what is goign on over there, anybody following Andy Pedesich’s blog can see his sick obsession with clown noses along with some very nice pictures of .. just about every church and dome you can find in Germany – this very combination of content in his blog answers some questions I have long been asking myself about Andy ….. 😀

Back to Admin Camp – Ulrich Krause posted his slides earlier today –  they are really good (was zu erwarten war) and I came away learning a thing or two I had either not know (ahem, I hate to admit it, nevertheless true) or that I had “forgotten” (Alzheimer). go over there and browse through the slides, it is not  along presentation and even without a moderator you will get tremendous value from it.

Viel Spass Jungs (und Mädels)! Trinkt ein Bierchen (der zwei) fuer mich mit ….

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