DCLug – Great Location, Great Content, Great Participant, GreatMeet!

Today was the much awaited DCLug – a high-tech affair organized using LinkedIn and Meetup.com at the IBM Briefing Center on K Street in DC. Thanks for Jack Dausman and Kevin Pettitt (and all the others involved) who organized the affair.

It was the first of a regular string of meets that will be held regularly from here on forward – we had a nice sized crowd who came together to listen to some good content about Weilgut’s MindPlan software, the eProductivity software suite, tungle.me and a short presentation about new Lotus Notes Domino 8.5.2 features.

The next meet is not fixed yet, but there has been some talks about trying to arrange another DCLug meet around the time Erick Mack of eProductivity fame is in town sometime in November … now that would be sweet! Just join the LinkedIn group and our Meetup.com group – even if you are not in the immediate DC area – maybe you just want to come in, take part and then have some more fun at one of DC’s many cultural offerings.

Hope to see you there next time. Below are some pictures I took of Jack Dausman presenting.

Jack Dausman presenting Mindplan

Jack Dausman and Mindplan

2 thoughts on “DCLug – Great Location, Great Content, Great Participant, GreatMeet!

  1. Thanks, Victor, for the comments. I’ll be posting a summary over the weekend. It’s a good group, isn’t it ? Interesting comments and insights, and it was heartening that the DC Lotus Developer Summit for October was announced at the same time there was a request for developers !

    I’m looking forward to holding the camera for when we can schedule a Victor session. 🙂


    • Great group of people – I will definitely present next time if there is room in the agenda. the DC Developer’s summit sound interesting, a great way to round up all those developers and cage them in at one go so they can’t do any harm to well run environments with wild and crazy code . . . .


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