repost: IBM – Linux OOM-Killer kills Domino processes

IBM – Linux OOM-Killer kills Domino processes.

I normally try to not just re-post other content, but this one might be a tech note that not all Lotus Domino Linux people will come across.

The OOM Killer that is references in this tech note is part of any Linux kernel, the desktop as well. It will pop up not just against your Domino server (or Notes client) but it also made my life hell when I was transferring VMWare images from one machine to another and did not adjust the images’ memory settings. I would run them and suddenly the whole VMWare desktop would *puff* disappear

Keep in mind that Linux is more forgiving, but also more brutal than Windows. If you don’t clean up, it will clean up for you. Once you run into your serve (or client) invoking the OOM killer you really don’t have allot of options. Going 64 bit for more memory  or using the PAE version of the OS (Physical Address Extension – allows your 32 bit OS to address more than 3 GB or RAM) or just tweaking the server to run less services and save more memory.

Of course, you could just call me in and have me analyze the issue and make recommendations … and then fix it for you subsequently. (my shameless plug of the week)