Hidden Gems in Domino 8.5.2: DAOS enabling archives upon creation

You can tell from my posts today that I have been investigating DAOS a bit to get some more under-the-hood info that I might be need. I came across this technote here that specifies how to turn on DAOS on newly created archives when server based archiving is utilized.

The kicker of this is that the new 8.5.2 admin client only is delivered with the 8.5.1 help file (what’s up with that???) and this information is not included in that help file:

Server Based Archiving:

Is run via the compact command using one of the switches [-a/-A/-j] when the option Domino server based archiving is enabled in mail files (best via policies, lets not get into that right now).

Since release 8.5 you could use the following command to enable the newly created archive to be DAOS enabled

load compact -A DAOS on mail\xxxx.nsf

In-place compaction switch [-a] would not work though, only the archiving function as is.

New in 8.5.2 –

In release 8.5.2, you can now use the [-a] switch ion combination with the [-DAOS on] switch to archive, compact the mail file in place and DAOS enable the archive at the same time as follows:

load compact -a -DAOS on mail\xxxx.nsf


… I hope that IBM will create a new 8.5.1 admin helpfile soon for download. I for myself use that as the first line of investigation whenever looking into some functionality and do nto necessarily always go out onto the Internet for more information. If it ain’t in there I might assume it does not exist . . . . . . the InfoCenter does not appear to be updated either …

3 thoughts on “Hidden Gems in Domino 8.5.2: DAOS enabling archives upon creation

  1. So here is the question, if I am using Domino Archiving, would I not turn on DAOS on my mail files, but wait and turn it on in the archives only?

    My thinking behind this is, if I turn it on in the mail files, then archive, DAOS will not think the document that points the attachment exists and would clean it up, correct?


    • Denny!
      You have to think more strategic – first of all, it is entirely possible for the archive to be created on another server – so the DAOS of one server knows nothing of the DAOS of the other server.

      DAOS and Archiving:
      When you archive, the document get’s ripped out and pasted as a new document in another dB. As DAOS works with pointers it just adds the new document in the new dB as another pointer to that nlo file and removes the pointer for the original document in the mail file.
      DAOS clean-ups of nlo files without any pointers is not immediate – the time between removing from a mail file and adding to an archive on the same server is not sufficient to remove the nlo file, especially since the copy/paste happens before the remove by the archiving process.
      On a large server it is also highly likley that a large number of your attachments will have pointers to multiple documents in multiple databases so there would be no clean-up in this case anyway.


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