Domino Crashes – capture data for later support calls and how to treat the notes.ini nice

I came across a technote (1447228 ) that was just updated – I actually have it in my personal knowledge dB where I keep allot of technotes that might be pertinent to the project I am working on at that time. The technote shows how to turn on debugging and the console log so that IBM support has some data to work with if you are dealing with a series of crashes.

I will not rehash the whole content of the technote but I want to point out one important topic: you do not have to restart the server for these settings to take effect – you can set them via the console.

Rule #1: never edit the notes.ini while the server is running.

I know it is technically possible (and easy to do) to use a text editing program to edit the notes.ini and more often than not it is not going to create trouble – however the Domino server relies heavily on this file and editing it without using the correct interface (= the server console) can cause the file to corrupt.

To us the notes.ini looks like a simple text file, for the Domino server it is a binary file that is expected to behave in a certain way. If the Domino server does not like the way the notes.ini just become corrupted then a whole lot of bodyly waste will hit the proverbial rotating blade and land on your lap.

The correct way to make ANY changes to the notes.ini WHILE THE DOMINO SERVER IS RUNNING is to use the [set config] command via the console. This rule is valid for all versions and OS releases of Domino. If the server is not running, you can use any text editor and make as many changes as you like, just keep the last line in the file an empty carriage return (= hit the enter key one) that is required.

Console Log and debugging information:

As the technote tells you, you need to turn the server console log on and enable debugging – AND you need to have NSD enabled via the server document.

If you are already dealing with outages, don’t bring the serve down once more – enable the settings via the server console:

start console log
set config DEBUG_THREADID=1

Incidentally, if you have an idea which part of the server is failing you can set additional debugging parameters for Domino via the server console as well.

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