Treasure Trove: Upgrade paths to Quickr 8.5

Another treasure trove of information in the IBM technotes! I had just seen an entry n the Quick support forums yesterday with somebody asking what the correct upgrade path for a specific version of Quickr/Quickplace to the most current version was. I had to admit even though I work with Quickr frequently I was not able to answer immediately. This technote has a flow chart that shows the different yellow brick roads you can follow to reach the Wizard’s castle in the land of Oz.

IBM – What are the supported upgrade paths for Lotus QuickPlace and Lotus Quickr?

Note: This technote above  seems to be have used some information from one of Rob Novak’s presentations he gave at Collaboration University. I missed CU this year (no time, could not get off from work) and I greatly regret it though I did follow whatever was streamed live

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