The future is here – Android!!

Friends who know me know that for all that I am a gadget geek, I don’t really like to introduce new technology at home as it always means I have to deal with it – as Mr support tech and call-for-help dad/husband/buddy. So – I surprised myself by buying a new piece of technology – an Archos 70 Internet tablet. Everybody at home was surprised and I have to say – I love it.

So – here my (short) review:

  • The tablet is aweome, great design and actually faster than I thought it would be. The screen quality is VERY good. some drawbacks though:
  • Battery life – like allot of Android devices, because allot of things might be running and the screen is bright, the battery can be drained quickly.
  • Screen – great quality but it is a fingerprint magnet – I ordered a screen protector to keep it clean
  • Marketplace – it does not come with the Android Marketplace but some Archose app store that does not have any of the applications that I wanted (Pandora, Tripit, Gmail . . ). I found a hack how to get it installed here. the only difference is that the file to install is now version 5 instead of V4 as in  the movie. Now I can get ALL the apps I want and … I got quite a few of them installed. 🙂



I used the opportunity to install Traveler on my Domino server at home – the latest version for 8.5.2 HF1 of course. The install was not easy – for some reason my server did not want to take the installer and it never moved on to the actual install process. I found the files unpacked in my temp folder and executed the installation from there. I could not find this kind of install problem anywhere so I am writing it p to my server being … a butt-head (my daughter’s favorite expression).  I will therefore ignore it for now.

Connecting the Archos was quick, though for some reason it was recognized as a Mac (a sign? Should I go and now buy one????) but I manually changed to the installer and things worked out. I am now using it at home for the last three days and I don’t touch my Blackberry while I’m at home – though I am far from putting that away as I still need it on the road or when i am at client sites.

All in all – I love it! Sometimes pushing the boundaries of your technology acceptance is a good thing. Especially since I now have the Barnes & Nobel Nook software on my Archos and am already reading my first book – yeeeehhh!