Lotus on Linux: great to know commands


I try not to recycle other contet but this is such a well written article (short and to the point) that I felt this cant be a bad thing.

Read and learn!

One thought on “Lotus on Linux: great to know commands

  1. The one command where I disagree in the article is with “more”; the succeeding command is “less” and although accomplishes the same thing, viewing a a file with less, the viewed document does not consume the xterm buffer, the file is fully searchable, and you can jump-around in the document. Whereas with “more”, one can only press the spacebar to go forward, and if you tap one too many times you just may have to start over, as your terminal window could be full and not go back far enough. Since 1991, ‘less’ is the preferred option.

    Type: man less for specifics.


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