NYC Lotus Beer with Paul, Kathleen and Mitch

Don’t forget – there is a great LOTUS BEER Palooza going on tonight in the city that never sleeps – New York.

I will be there as well, but as one of the lesser ones, I did not include myself in the title (aahh … the modesty is overwhelming).

I will be driving in all the way from Hartford CT just for the above mentioned Triumvirate of Lotus (and the beer – Guinness).

So if you are in town, have nothing better to do and want to watch geekoids go wild with their shirt tails hanging out, hair unkempt and napkins scribbled to the brink with code plastered everywhere – drop in at Mustang Sally’s on 7th Ave sometime after 7 PM. We might even chain Paul to the bar until he recites 3 limericks and sings a Lotus Notes rendition of “Danny Boy”.

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