I am a customer – Connectria

Just a short post for some news. I live in the North East and the winter storm hit us in Connecticut full force and I was out of power for 7 days. along with the power being out for private citizens it also affected most businesses in the state and I lost my mail server for a while.


So, I decided to finally create a back-up environment on a waaaaaaaay different part of the grid. So, looking at my options I compared all major ISPs who offer Domino server hosting and after comparing prices and service I decided on Connectria. My old buddy of Idonotes fame  Chris Miller (old as in “I have known him for a while” not as in “he is an old dude”) works there as well so it can’t be a terrible outfit.


Turns out their managed hosting solutions were just what I needed and it was rather quick. New CentOS server up, Domino installed and I get root access. Sweet!


If you looking to get hosted servers I definitely would suggest you go and check them out, they have a great spread of options to choose from.

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