Connectria – nice touch

As I mentioned a while ago I am now a proud client of Connectria and have one of my serves hosted with them in their cloud – Nirvana-land, nobody knows where it really floats.

It is a CentOS server and it came pre-configured with SELinux (well, that is a given) but also with logwatch turned on and set to send mail. Saved me the effort to set it up myself, all I had to do is edit the /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf  file and change the sender and recipient address for the logwatch mails.

As I am running Domino with the SMTP task running on that server (I turned off the CentOS smtp stack) it gets relayed and routed via NRPC. I did not notice it right away until a few wayward mails maid it to my mail file the next day after I set the server up.

Let’s see, maybe I will find some more nice touches … like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I have been searching for for a while. And if that sounds like too far of a reach I will make so with a file that contains the winning lotto numbers for the next few weeks.  Just say’in …:)

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