Debmirror – Be independent on Linux

ToalSystems has finally decided that we have enough Linux servers to create out own mirror site – for multiple Linux releases. Over the last week we created a new Ubuntu mirror site on our internal network and will be adding a new CentOS mirror site as well. Currently we are still debating whether we want to register either or both sites for public use as the discussion is still going on whether we want to “adjust/change” the mirror site and add things of our own into it.  If we really decide to make the mirror site public I will blog it on this site.


Here is a short primer on how to set up a Ubuntu mirror site using DEBMIRROR – as opposed to RSYNCMIRROR which is a total copy/replica of the site you decide to pull from (including any back-version they have).

It is worth i if you want to have more control over what you offer your Linux  servers/workstations for updates and what versions you support. I also believe in having control where your machines go for an update … I dislike out internal machines going to outside sites to get updates if I can keep them inside. Also, having been burnt by the two big storms we had in the North East (Irene and Alfred) and which severely impacted our data center and the network connectivity, I like not having to be relicant on critical updated having to access the Internet but rather being able to pull all data down from an internal site.