IBM Connections – New Project

Just a quick update:

I have been on a new project with a new client since the beginning of December in NYC- very exciting stuff! We are working on setting up a brand spanking new IBM Connections 3.0.1 infrastructure inside of a technologically very advanced environment. I can’t really speak about the client nor project details but I can tell you that I am working with his Greatness; The King of Connections; The Mullah of Cyber-Funk; The Sultan of Socialness and Duke of Collaboration  – The Supreme Grand Master himself: Stuart McIntyre. (room for your applause …).

I am not sure if he was aware of what he signed up to when he found out that I was on the project as well but he is caught in the spider’s web now and there is no escape … the world will never be the same for him from here onwards. 🙂

So, I will be blogging a bit more about Connections over the next few months, I hope to be able to bring a few interesting tidbits to the web. Tune in for the exciting news coming to your screens soon … 🙂


One thought on “IBM Connections – New Project

  1. Hi,

    i’m in the same situation as you. Mid of February i will be able to get a testinstallation for lotus connection.
    Should we get in contact with this?
    Just drop me a message.


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