Anatomy of a Science Fair Project | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

Not really technology content but I wish this kind of stuff had been around when I was a kid. I went to school in Austria and I attended a natural sciences high school so I had more classes in chemistry, physics, biology and (oh dread!) math. In those days Austrian schools did not do science fairs or prepare kids to present data and experiments like American schools do – unfortunately. I just wish I could have participated in a science fair once … how cool is it to work on something that not even your parents understand and then present it. I originally wanted to study astrophysics …. well, let’s just say that my aspirations were more than my math abilities could keep up with.

I just with more kids would do science and especially girls – there are not enough of those and I do not feel like parents encourage their kids enough. If I am going to keep on working in technology I need people to actually study and create new and exiting things for me to implement.

So – if you have kids, make sure they work on something that will help to support me in the years to come – you will have my undying gratitude and thanks for sure.

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Science Fair Project | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

    • Awesome! I wish I could have done that – “What things are good at soaking up water?” – excellent!


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