Technotics launches new web site – announces new cloud services

I read this post early this morning in the train on my way to work.

HIGH TIME Andy and Rob did this!

Both Andy and Rob are well known in the Lotus/IBM community for their expertiese, experience, vision and skill. I think with this new offering Technotics is hitting the nerve of the Shakespearian question many clients face: “To go, or not to go.” What I particularly like is that they preface the whole process with a fact finding session/process that first tries to answer the more important queestion: namely where to actually go to (= the goal, the required outcome, the Nirvana destination). Otherwise the experience would be akin to trying to go on vacation without determining where to go before you leave and trying to get all the reservations done on the way to the airport – and changing the departure airport you have to get to while you are sitting in the car.

I wish them the best of luck – though knowing them they probably have this process nailed down to the point where they can get out of bed at 10 AM, have a coffee, do a little bit of magic/pixie dust work and then go fishing in the afternoon followed by some phone calls before dinner (can you hear the envy in my vitual voice?)

If you are a company looking for assistance – go talk to Andy. If you are a tech guy/girl who was aproached by a client – send them to Andy and Rob, you will be pleased with the outcome.

Full Disclosure: no rodents (virtual or real) where harmed in the course of this blog post and I am NOT involved in Technotics in any way – (hint, hint, hint) . . .

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