WebSphere: Errors installing Plug-in fix pack on IHS V7.x

This was a new one, not even the IBMers that I consulted with had run into this before.

I have been working at a client site on a large IBM Connections project since last year – V3.0.0, upgrade to 3.0.1, upgrade to … now multiple code drops for V4 beta installs and preparation to get gold code V4 up as soon as possible (once it is released). In the course of the last year I have probably installed and upgraded more WAS and IHS servers that I have in several years previously – loving every moment of it!


Today I had a new V 7.0 IHS on AIX to set up and we were running into issues installing the Plug-in fix for The IHS FPO went without a problem, but the plug-in did not work. Errors, errors, errors:

        at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.checkFilePermissions(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:245)
        at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.checkFilePermissions(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:317)
        at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.run(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:139)
        at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.checkFilePermissions(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:245)
        at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.checkFilePermissions(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:317)         at com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.simplugins.SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin$ValidateFilePermissions.run(SimVerifyFilePermissionsPlugin.java:139)

Nothing was working … I looked at fie permissions, ownership etc. – no change. root, or no root – it failed. I did some searching and after a while came across this tech noteswg21408430.

the errors were close enough – I was using the latest version of the IBM UpdateInstaller (at this time but I decided to wipe out the UDI, install it once more new into a DIFFERENT folder (queue the drum roll) …. that made the difference.

So, sometimes it is not the tool being installed, but rather the tool doing the install that is at fault.  AND – UNIX file permissions are not always at fault either. Poor little Unix – there’s good boy!!

Good (free) Webcast: Upcoming WebSphere Support Technical Exchange webcast 09/05

I have been somewhat silent of late, the only reason is that I am in the middle of an IBM Connections upgrade that is very intense, time consuming – but fun! I have been collecting quite some stuff for blog entries but simply don’t have the time to atually sit down and flesh them out – maybe after the current upgrade storm is over!

In the mean time: I had this one float across my desk today.

Thank you for participating in a previous Support Technical Exchange.

To help you take full advantage of WebSphere Application Server, we would like to invite you to the Support Technical Exchange Webcast entitled Debugging HTTP 404 Response Codes in an IHS / WebSphere Topology:

Presentation title: Debugging HTTP 404 Response Codes in an IHS / WebSphere Topology
Date: 05 September, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Level of Difficulty: Beginner

To learn more about this presentation and information on how to participate, click here: http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/scheduled_tech_exchange_detail/software/websphere/websphere_brand_support_%28general%29?exchangeDetailKey=V221521I46068Y66
A replay will also be made available at the following location within a few business days after the webcast: http://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27035752

(See attached file: iCalendar.ics)

Please call into the phone conference and join the e-meeting 10 minutes early. Allow up to an hour and a half for the presentation and the live questions and answers session.

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