Connections 4.0: Tails from the Upgrade Part 2 – Oracle

This is an interesting one for all of you out there that utilize Oracle as your database server.

Character Set:

The approved character set for Connections is AL32UTF8. You  might have a look at your database and discover that you are running some other character set but that you are seeing no issues – at least in Connections 3.x


In comes Cognos . . .

Cognos will NOT install (fails to connect to the dB without errors) if your Oracle character set is anything other than AL32UTF8. The reason is that it expects a certain date format that it will not find in another character set.

Funny enough Connections would probably work – both the update wizard and the subsequent install but you will not get Cognos to work – sorry. You will need to create a new Connections database in the correct character set, export the data from the old one and import it into the new dB and THEN run the upgrade wizard – or alternatively run the individual SQL statements (allot of DB Admins prefer that – this way they can change temp folder settings etc.).

Depending on your V 3.x database size that can be quite an undertaking, fro what I hear from Oracle dB admins (I am definitely NOT in that league) the export and re-import into a new database is the way to go.



More to come soon . . . .