Technote: Connections iFix / CR installation problems

Just a quick one:

IBM Failed to perform extraction error when applying CR or iFixes to IBM Connections 4.0 – United States.


This technote just came through and I thought it was rather timely since I was battling this very scenario with one off the test/DEV environments at my current client a short while ago.

If you read the document you will see that it mentions “if the shared files space has changed” but there is another scenario under which this can happen (though related) and deinstal and subsequent re-install of features or the whole application – especially if you switch between a root and non-root install in AIX/Linux.

The details on what files to review/update are in the technote above and I suggest to anybody who has ever had an iFix or CR not go quite as they wanted to review the settings and file this nifty technote away in their little “I know this” storage space for future reference.