Mark your Calendar – IBMSocialBeerz April 10 in NYC

Yes, Stuart McIntyre and I have rebranded the LotusBeer tradition … if IBM can do it, so can we . . .

Since Stuart was foolish enough to announce to me he will be in town I immediately started on a social campaign to compel him to public drunkenness and anti-social behavior – so was born the idea of the IBMSocialBeerz .. Henceforth look on the Twitter (and any other social network you can think of) for #IBMSocialBeerz and thou shalt find it.

APRIL 10, 8:00 PM at the Pig N Whistle in Midtown Manhattan – the very lovely Sharon will be our bar tender / waitress and Cindy the manager will be in for a geeky surprise. Come one, come all just let me know if you ‘might’ attend. I booked a table on the second floor near the window so we can exit the place in movie fashion if needed. If you are late or there is just no room no matter what we are right next to the bar so there will be space … and Sharon will still serve you even if she finds out you are with us.

This will be FUN – and memorable and … well, when do you ever have a chance to see Stuart actually drink more than one drink in an evening? I challenge you to challenge him to throw his British reserve into the wind and unleash his ancient Irish soul from the dungeon . . .


PS: the waitress Sharon is in no way to be mistaken for the – also very lovely – Sharon Bellamy …

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