Webinar Tomorrow: Learn how the Ephox editor works in IBM Connections

If you are working with IBM Connections and you want to know more about the new (and FREE) entitlement of the EPHOX editor EditLive! for IBM Connections V4.5 then you should tune in to this webinar tomorrow ….

In January, IBM announced terrific news for IBM Connections customers — it’s making the Ephox editor, EditLive!, available to all IBM Connections v4.5 clients. Now IBM Connections’ users have access to the industry’s most advanced WYSIWYG editor.In this short, but impactful webinar, we will shareways in which your IBM Connections users can derive the most value out of EditLive!’s advanced editing capabilities.

Join Ephox tomorrow to learn how to get access to EditLive! if you’re using IBM Connections v4.5.

Tim Thatcher and Michael Fromin of Ephox will present the following:

  • The capabilities of Ephox’s editor, EditLive!
  • How Ephox’s editor can deliver value to users of IBM Connections
  • Ways other IBM customers are reaping benefits using EditLive! for IBM Connections while increasing user adoption and engagement

Date: Thursday, March 27
Time: 10 a.m. PDT, noon CDT, 1 p.m. EDT, 5 p.m. GMT

Who should attend:

  • IBM Sales Team Members and Leaders
  • IBM Client Technical Professionals
  • IBM Business Partners
  • IBM Connections Customers (IT, end users, content contributor, social media contributors)


Tim Thatcher, chief operating officer, Ephox
Michael Fromin, director of client services, Ephox

Register for the Ephox webinar today.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Dave Dabbah
Vice President, Marketing

Connect with Ephox at:
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