Open Mic Webcast : Linux for the IBM Sametime Admin (04/09/2014)

Marlon Machado posted this on the Sametime blog (link below) yesterday. Since there is allot of Linux all over the place, I suggest this as a webcast to listen to. If you still live in a Windows only server world, it is only a amtter of time until your boss tells you that there are maybe some Linux machines coming your way ….

0 people like thisAs you probably know by now IBM’s commitment to the Linux platform is broad and deep. That includes, of course, IBM Sametime. We’re steadily expanding and refining our support for Linux starting with our server components and we have a plan to bring all the goodies we shipped with Sametime 9 to the Linux desktop. It’s a journey and it’s been very satisfying so far.

Our development team has been documenting their experiences with Linux and they’re ready to share it with all of you. If you’re a Sametime administrator living in the Windows world and are interested in learning how Sametime works on Linux you should join us in April 9 for our next Open Mic Webcast. As in all our Open Mic sessions you’ll hear from our developers and then you’ll have a chance to ask questions and share your own experiences with them and your peers.

You can find out more about this event here. Don’t miss it. It’s going to be interesting.


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