My New Secondary Workstation – Take a look

I just added this one to my collection of machines running in my home:

InFocus Kangaroo

I always try to keep my home footprint small: energy usage, space, noise (fans can add up) and just usability. I have a few mini servers that I use for utilities machines that I run, I have my main laptop that at home turns into my communication machine and I have my main workstation/desktop that hosts several virtual machines.

Now I can have a small machine that I can run all the time to make it available as a remote machine and then also be small enough to just unplug and throw into a bag and take it to a client when a laptop is not what I need or want … and now I have it – it can use a tablet as a touchscreen display. I can also use it to just make it a media server and put behind my TV if I want and hook it up to the network directly.  Of, if we need something to hook up to the main TV (55 inches, we ain’t talking dinkie screens here) and I want to be able to do something that requires a PC now I can … Bluetooth mouse and keyboard make it easy …. The opportunities are limitless. go and see if this is something for you!