Automation and AI – Change is Coming

If you take a closer look at the (rather short) YouTube video below, you will see some of the things that get me excited – and in some ways worried. Automation and AI is coming everywhere which is great but also will create an enormous disruption (another one of those trendy words) because change is hard and if change directly impacts your life it is ten times as hard.

I try to stay on top of most larger trends and automation and AI are of course smack in the middle of my radar – most analysts agree that if a job is repetitive and does not directly involve/require person-to-person emotional interaction then it is in the potential chopping block for AI and automation.  I think everybody knows that sooner or later drivers (taxis, limousines, trucks, buses) will be mostly replaced – but did you think about data entry clerks, paralegals, tax preparers, Walmart employees (stock that rack, robot) etc.?  … the list goes on and on. Even if not all of those jobs go away, the majority will eventually and having a human standing there to do something specific will be considered a luxury and one person will do the job that previously 20 or 30 did. Where you will see this come much later are things such as trades – if you are willing to stick your hand down a clogged toilet, your job will be safe for quite some time. Though, I venture that sooner or later the involvement in building new buildings from scratch will be automated in some shape and form as well.

Why am I talking about this? Because if you want a future you need to look for the jobs that either still have a mid to long term future or fall to the wayside. My nephew works for the team that is creating Trayzi – so there are jobs out there that will support you for years to come. So … part of the motivation for this post is an uncle’s pride – the other one is to tell you that if you have kids, think good and long what they might want to get into as a career. Trades are great and they will earn more than college grads but just make sure they also have a healthy interest for science and technology because even ditch diggers are using high-tech machines to dig ditches these days.


But seriously though – this is a cool system and the technology behind recognizing different foods and packaging of condiments is quite fascinating.


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