Going Solar …

After years of waiting and studying … I am finally going solar. You might have read about Tesla’s new rental announcement – they are only offering this new offer in a few states, one of them is Connecticut. I am also getting a powerwall and will be able to withstand any storm, power outage and zombie apocalypse that might occur in the nutmeg state.

I will post, blog and probably video more as time goes along … I am still in the process of getting the permits etc. … but I am excited!

btw – if you want to get somethign from Tesla, use my referral link, maybe it will help me!


2 thoughts on “Going Solar …

  1. G’Day Victor. Just looking at going down the same path myself, was going to go with the Powerwall 2, but I decided to hang-ten for the moment and wait it out for the Powerwall 3 to be released here. Not sure how much longer the wait will be but there was talk it was supposed to become available over here in Oz toward the end of this year. Is it available there yet?


    • No Powerwalls 3 available as far as I know and not sure what the horizon is for them. The 2 will do what I need and if I feel like it I can always buy a second one later. 1 Powerwall only gives me about half a day or power and if at some day I feel like I need more I’ll buy a second one and if the Powerwall 3 is available then, I can look into it. In any case, pretty excited right now! I did not think I’d be able to afford a decent system for a few more years


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