Update on Solar

I have not had the opportunity to write and update lately – the holidays have been busy. however – I am happy to report that Tesla scheduled my install in the beginning of December and over the course of two days installed the solar array and my powerwall battery.

It took two days because we had a snow storm a few days before Tesla came and the roof was not 100% safe and needed some clearing which delayed the team and the cold weather and snow and ice also made the overall install much slower.

Trucks with “my stuff”!

I won’t go into a play-by-play, but I have to really say that the Tesla team were all very, very , V E R Y professional and really good at their job. From the guys climbing on my roof to the master electrician it was quite an experience to see such a well oiled crew work together.

The electric work – the cabling, the powerwall, the tying into the grid and all the bits and pieces of the controlling components were all done on day one and – it is all much smaller than I thought it would be.

After the installation and some follow-up visits by Tesla to install extra grounding rods and meet with my town’s building inspector to the main inspection the system is now ready … all I am waiting for is the electric provider (Eversource in my case) to finish their review and inspection and for them to install a new meter that supports net metering (=selling of extra electric production back to the grid) and I can turn on the system for full production. I was able to run it for some testing and to charge up the battery which is running in back-up mode now and I can’t wait until I get my final go ahead.

I will write another follow-up and write on the topic of the economics and how I calculated if this project is worth it – and what kind of results I am hoping to achieve during the coming year.

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