Solar in CT – Winter Update

Just posting a qick update, nothing too involved just want to report that yesterday and today we had our first two days that were net Solar positive. That means that we for the first time generated enough solar power in a day to cover all of our energy needs for that day – and then some.

Solar Positive!

The screen shot above just shows the overall picture. If you remember – in Connecticut the net meetering system simply counts all kWh the same – anything you export to the grid is deducted from what you pulled from the grid and you pay for the difference. If you export more than you consume you get to bank that and it is applied to the next day, and so forth. In essence, the grid actus as a battery for yoiu. Actually, it is better than a battery since there is no loss of energy in the transport that you get with batteries. Below is the breakdown:

You can see, we produced 5 kWh more energy than we consumed for that day. Today, the weather being similar, I expect the results to be similar, though today’s production was “only” 21.5 kWh.

This is great news, since it shows that even in winter in Connecticut we can expect to benefit from solar energy. Granted, this is probably on the higher side of any curve since we do not have to contend with snow covering the panels, only with overcast days and rain – but I take a win where I can! If my solar array (7.6 kWh) I can be net solar positive in February, then I do believe that I sized the array – or rather chose the right system size from what Tesla offers – for our house, energy needs and the latitude that we live at. Solar can be beneficial even in a state that has four seasons with – sometimes – dreary and overcast winters.

Man, I am looking forward to see how the system performs over the summer!