Solar in CT – Can I Now Make Money Using My Powerwall?

Thought I’d share this right away – I just received this email below a few minutes ago from Tesla. This is the kind of stuff I had been waiting for – the next generation of the modern grid here distributed battery storage is tied together into a large virtual unit and used to aid the grid in time of surging electricity need. Whereas this is not a totally new program for Tesla, apparently it is new in the northeast – or at least I had not heard that it was available for my utility until now.

Vehicle-to-Grid is a technology that is already in use in some countries (Japan being the first one to come to mind) and tying in home battery solutions just makes sense.

This is obviously a program by Tesla where they play the role of the virtual power supplier towards the local electric utility. Tesla does have experience in these things on a large scale and they have access and control to all of the devices they have deployed anyway. standard devices, standard software and standard installation – makes for a great oportunity.

Here is a link to their FAQ they sent. To me this sounds really interesting – the possibility of this is one of the (granted minor) reasons why I chose Tesla and wanted a Powerwall to begin with. The ability to earn extra cash will be interesting – though I will have to review what an analysis of the numbers tell me – how does this compare to me being able to “bank” overproduction of electricity with my utility and reduce my overall power bill that way? And, my utility also pays out any net-gains of my overproduction to me in cash at the end of Summer. I will have to analyze that and see which solution makes more sense for me once I start seeing numbers from Tesla. Frankly, their FAQ is not really detailed when it comes to the nitty-gritty in terms of what kind of $ per kWh they are talking about. It is is lower than what I pay to and get reimbursed for by my utility it might not be worth it to me. Any electricity that was sent via this program to the grid/I need to charge up my battery is electricity that I am not “banking”. Well, the numbers will show me.

Overall – a positive way forward for the grid and solar power/battery owners in New England in my mind!