Solar Update – It’s actually all great news!

The summer is hot, and electricity rates in CT are goin up – I just read this articles in the Hartford Courant.

Obviously, one of the reasons I had been looking into Solar for the last few years was the fact that prices ALWAYS rise over time. Now having Solar I look at my Eversource elctricity bill and it tells me things like this:

The last three electricity bills I had were $9.62 each – just the base connection fee. Even while I am using allot more electricity now with air conditioning (it is HOT and HUMID)I am not worried as I still have enough carry forward to easily make it through August. Once September arrives air conditioning will decline significantly so I will end up not paying any electricity bill though the end of the year – hopefully! My solar array actually still creates more electricity per day than the house uses, more about that just below

ConnectedSolutions Kicked In

What the excerpt from my electricity bill above does not show is the fact that I am now participating in ConenctedSolutions and my Powerwall is exporting electricity to the grid just about every day – usually exactly 9.4 kWh starting at 4 PM – leaving it 20% capacity by the end of the day. The income for that will be distributed by the end of the year – I am looking forward to see how much that will end up being!

Whole-House Backup is a Great thing!

The other thing I am grateful for is the fact that my Powerwall has saved our bacon a few times by keeping the house running while the whole neighborhood was out of power:

The smaller 5 minutes outages were just nuisances – but the July 7th was big – a car accident had taken out a pole on our road and because our house had backup I had no issue leaving in the morning knowing that the house will run for a good 10 hours on the battery.

My conclusions so Far

Solar energy totally works – and it really saves money – you should get solar as soon as possible.

If you can afford it – buy/finance your system – then you get all the tax incentives and the TCO is the lowest.

If you can’t afford to purchase/finance – rent from Tesla. – I put $100.00 down when I went online to order it and pay $100/month for a medium sized array that totally meets my needs.

Battery Back-up is a bit more difficult to make a recommendation on – I got it on the premise of using it as a BACKUP, I did not know about ConenctedSolutions at that time – but as I am still eligible for the federal tax incentive for the battery AND I will be making money off of it I am expecting that I might be able to have the battery pay for itself and pay down the loan for it much earlier.

If you want to take a closer look at any of Tesla’s products then please use my referral link, both of us will get some benefits depending on the products you choose to go with.

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