Poll Results

The results of my Domino tools poll are in. It looks like the results are clear – most of us have something, but there are allot of us that want more – for whatever reason. I mostly want more tools so I can get done earlier and go home, though some ill informed people have accused me of just being a geeky toolomaniac – an accusation that I strongly reject, as it is clearly baseless.

35%: I have a few home-grown tools (i.e. collection of agents, etc.) that help me get things done
26%: I have a few tools – I NEED MORE!
18%: I have a few 3rd party tools, mostly some that reside on my machine – I get along just fine
12%: I am a purist, I use only what Lotus graciously supplies us with for free (= my company is a cheapskate)
3%: My company went all-out, we have loads of tools and also employ server-based software – no overtime for me!
6%: Other

PS: I wonder how early those 3% of all respondents get to go home that answered [ My company went all out …]

Tools, Tools, Tools and Favorite Caps

Last week I was at a client to do a quick one-week security review of their Domino environment. As it is often the case, I did not get an account on their network, a Domino ID or any other direct access, but I had my own, personal Notes administrator who was allowed to touch the keyboard and had to be at my beck-and-call … a modern time equivalent of a personal butler – I think I am adding this as a section to my contracts from here one – I like that level of relaxation.

Well, what I did get access to was databases that I then went over and analyzed. This is where the whole thing with tools comes in. The client is one of those purist shops that never thought of getting their poor, overworked admins any nice gadgets and tools – I find this is the equivalent of doing a stone mason’s work with hand tools only. You CAN get it done, it often is beautiful but it takes so damn loooooooooooooong …

I have to rely on a number of tools that I use (I HAVE LICENSES!!! I WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THAT) that have to be portable, do not require direct installation on a server and help me do my job. I thought it is time to mention a few and also use this as an opportunity to hear from my readers what they have in their tool box. I am sure there a a few I am not aware of or might have (unjustly) dismissed.So there will be a poll in the end where I will ask y’all to vote and let me know to what extend you use tools – feel free to comment to this post on tools I missed  you use.

I think this cap says it all – at least when it comes to my woodworking tools. As far as computer tools goes, I do not use THAT many – I go more for quality than quantity. Especially since most software packages have so many features that you if you know your software well you will normally not need all that many tools.

Here a short list of SW tools that are ALWAYS installed on my PC, I focus mostly on SW that I can use for Domino – I have allot more when it comes to other things I deal with …..

  • Domino Admin and Dev client (of course – need it to survive)
  • Powertools (Helpsoft)
  • Agent Analyzer (Helpsoft)
  • Mailmerge (Helpsoft)
  • Noteman (MartinScott consulting; also works on Linux!)
  • Softerra LDAP Adminsitrator (full version, not just the browser freebe)
  • Buddylist admin / Buddy list indexer (Instant Technologies)
  • Snagit (for documentation, can’t live without it)

These are the tools I use the most often, not necessarily a total list of them. I also had Ytria for a while, I am thinking of getting it again because I do miss it … (hint to Ytria folks: any rebates in store for poor admins???)

So, what do you guys and girls out there end up using allot?