Social Connections – Toronto Jun 6-7, 2016 – I am attending!

The next Social Connections Conference has been announced: June 6-7, 2016 in wonderful and clean TORONTO CANADA


I already signed up and a submission for an abstract is already in ….

Anybody in the social media/social networking sphere should really attend this conference. Technical and Strategy without the marketing hype, that is why I really like to attend.


Go forth and attendeth!

IamLUG 2013 – Blackmail and Malarky!

I just have to come out into the open and share my plight: I am being blackmailed by the IamLUG’ers ….. coerced, forced into bonded labor without the possibility of parole … my freedom of laziness is under attack … Oh, the humanity!

As I have written earlier, I was foolish enough to sign up for IamLUG 2013 (May 6 – 7, St. Louis, MO) and also hand in an abstract for my REALLY excellent content that I mean to share – mainly on the finer points of Swiss cheese fondue interspersed with some vaguely useful tidbits on IBM Connections administration.

Now imagine my reaction when I get a mail from the organizers telling me that they expect me to actually WORK. I mean – they want an early abstract or else! They want us to hand in our valuable and priceless and totally awesome content by April 15 – AND we need to blog and tweet and all that social stuff – or else!

Now, I normally don’t have an issue doing the Twitter, I would even add the horrid hashtag #IamLUG to my tweeties, but this is to much:

Start tweeting and blogging if you want a couple extra days on your slide deadline

Wha??? … the gall, the impertinence! How about this zinger:

Slide deadline will be moved to April 15 but if you blog and tweet we will make yours April 22

Followed by this one – a real shocker (it really hurt me to the core):

If you don’t tweet, we will force you to eat Victor’s horrid cheese fondue with the stray dogs of St. Louis as company

I will admit it – it made me cry …. the psychological hurt was … hurtful. So, under all this duress, stress and psychological pressure I relent – even a man as strong as I am can only take that much:

  • IamLUG is the best – and it is free as in FREE BEER – thank the damn sponsors for that, they are trying to ruin your liver
  • IamLUG is taking place in the coolest place in the world – the city that has half of a McDonald’s sign (they never had the money to finish it – they call it and ARC, no .. ARCH …)
  • IamLUG will have some REALLY AWESOME content about cheese fondue and a few other mildly interesting technical presentations
  • IamLUG has this thing called TICK IT ON – oops! Freudian mishap – I meant TACKITON where you can learn some stuff – how to make cheese fondue quality content it ain’t – but maybe, just maybe if you want to know something about XPages and that development jazz – it might be worth the paltry money they ask for it … just maybe. (I will still offer  my services as a fondue connoisseur to liven up the bland XPages content if needed . . . )
  • IamLUG has the greatest presenter in the western hemisphere present, and a few other decent enough folks who can ramble on a bit
  • IamLUG is full of fun …. join us in this years challenge to see who can single handily bring down the wireless network with Pinterest postings of kitten pictures
  • IamLUG is just so great .. and it is free as in FREEDOM of speech. And who does not like to spew forth a whole litany or malarky AND get a standing ovation for it?

I think I have now done my damn part … my totally awesome presentation will be in their damn in-box on APRIL 22 (take that, IamLUG’ers!)

Get Free Training! New Complimentary IBM WebSphere Education Courses Available from the Global WebSphere Community

I think everybody following me knows that I am telling everybody to learn WebSphere – it will come your way like it or not. Here are some free training courses/videos that you can look at – all you have to do is become a member of the Global WebSphere Community – and PRESTO – free training for you. I will be looking at this later tonight …

Dear WebSpherians,Last year, we polled our Global WebSphere Community members asking you what WebSphere topics you were most interested in having additional training information on from the GWC. The results came back showing a strong interest in WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere MQ. The Global WebSphere Community is pleased to announce the availability of these complimentary IBM WebSphere Education courses to our GWC members.We are pleased to offer the following courses to our members:

  • WebSphere MQ v7 Installation and Configuration
  • WebSphere MQ V7 High Availability Considerations
  • Using WebSphere MQ V7 Traces, Error Logs, and Failure Data Capture Files
  • WebSphere MQ V7 Clustering
  • WebSphere Application Server V8 Architecture
  • WebSphere Application Server v8 Workload Management

Click here for more information or to view one of the courses


The Global WebSphere Community Management Team

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Bosch opts for IBM Connections software – automotiveIT International

Interesting article – shows that Connections is more and more in demand not only in the US but also internationally.

I find that some of my clients go the “Social Software” route to “get rid of email”  which is one way of saying they want their people to spend less time in their mail in-boxes and more time being productive and sharing knowledge. This is a very large change – a true paradigm shift that can pay off – as long as it is managed well and actually gives users what they need to get their job done. Change though, is never easy – I find my job often revolves more around how  to coax people into eversomuch (think snails) changing how they approach their workday and less around how to set up and configure a product.


Bosch opts for IBM Connections software

MARCH 15, 2012

IBM will help Robert Bosch provide its employees with social-media tools

Robert Bosch has decided to use IBM Connections software to deepen the integration of social media in its office procedures.

The German automotive supplier decided on IBM because the US based IT services and computer company offered a highly standardized package of software that is easy to use and can be expanded down the road.

“With IBM Connections, IBM doesn’t just offer a powerful platform,” said Josef Maichle, vice president corporate information systems at Bosch. “Based on its experience in the area of social business, the company has also positioned itself as a trustworthy partner for the changeover.”

Bosch in the past year evaluated how to implement social media software across its operations. It wanted to provide employees with the ability to form social communities and other internal cooperation tools.

Selection criteria for Bosch were functional areas of coverage, intuitive operation and the possibility to introduce the new software without having to make major changes to existing systems.

Ivo Koerner, vice president software at IBM Germany, said companies see the efficiency benefits from social media, but worry about the required shifts in working practices.

Said Koerner: “The change into a social business is a big cultural challenge for many companies.”

IBM Connections software provides employees access to everyone in a pre-defined professional network. The software offers moderation, blogs, a media gallery and other social-media tools that help provide faster access to information.

via Bosch opts for IBM Connections software – automotiveIT International.

IBM Open Mic Webcast Invitation: Troubleshooting freetime (busytime) issues in Lotus Notes – 28 February 2012

You are invited to join an Open Mic Webcast on the topic “Troubleshooting freetime (busytime) issues in Lotus Notes”. This event will be held Tuesday, 28 February 2012 at 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC, or GMT -5), for 60 minutes. After a short presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly of IBM Lotus Developers and Support Engineers. See more details below.

(Note: To view this information online, go to

When Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012
Time: 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC, or GMT -5), for 60 minutes
Q&A and transcript You can post questions in advance to a response to this entryin the Notes/Domino 8.5 forum. A replay and a transcript of questions and answers will be posted to the following technote:Title: Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting freetime (busytime) issues in Lotus Notes – 28 February 2012
Doc #: 7023671
Web Conference URL Conference 6784422
Dial-in Information Dial-in passcode: 4297643USA/Canada Toll Free Number: (866) 803-2145
USA/Canada Toll Number: (210) 795-1099

International phone numbers:

Upcoming Events Visit our ndinfo with “unsubscribe” in the subject line. Please be aware that doing so will also unsubscribe you from periodic Support Content Highlights newsletters. If you know of others who wish to subscribe, have them send a message to ndinfo with “subscribe” in the subject line.

TDI 7.1 training in the UK – Maidenhead

I just came across this online and thought I would share.

There is not allot of TDI training to be found in the wild unless you request it specifically (at least here in the US) unless you are looking for free on-line tutorials etc. (e.g.: webcasts etc.) Reading the ad this training looks rather detailed and I know one of the the “blokes” who is involved in running the course. I assume it will pretty good from a content standpoint but I don’t know any more details about the facilities.

I can’t tell is £1200 is fair, reasonable, acceptable or outright theft (I have no concept of European or even just UK prices) but go check out the webpage and take a look.

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop training course: Skills 1st Ltd

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop

Learn to build and debug directory synchronisation solutions using TDI.

Learn how to use TDI as an adaptor between different protocols.

TDI is a very flexible toolkit for moving data from one system to another, cleaning and re-formatting it on the way. You can build directory synchronisation systems, format converters, and even put LDAP or SNMP interfaces onto existing relational databases. The latest version of TDI uses the Eclipse development environment, and it runs on almost every operating-system on the market.

This 3-day workshop-based training course will take you rapidly through the steep part of the learning curve so that you can build useful solutions straight away. The exercises use TDI 7.1. The differences from TDI 7.0 and earlier versions will also be discussed where appropriate.

My LUG Wish List

Every website now supports some kind of wish list: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, … you name it, they have a list in their databases that captured all those things I would like to buy but either have no money for or that my wife would take exception to … such as a new set of golf clubs, a full edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, that blue Porsche I like (which list was that on again??)
… well you get it.

Now, just having been at yesterday’s DCLug I was wondering if I shouldn’t create a LUG Wish List for myself. And since we are in the era of social media and exchanging information – I am going to post it for all you to read. Here my top LUG wishes:

Speak at Hawaiian LUG

If that single Hawaii blog reader I have sends me a post card with an invite – I am there, brother!

Present at Rio de Janeiro LUG

I have not been to Rio in years, but I know I have so much to offer. Also, I think Brazilian coffee is among the best in the world and everybody knows daddy likes his coffee – it also helps me speak even faster than normal and I could present more content in the same amount of time. A clear win-win situation for all involved.

South African LUG: Co-present on how Lotus Products can ensure world peace with Nelson Mandela
Me and Nelson, we could seriously tear it up there. No more needs to be said.

Australia LUG Extravaganza

Present at (a? the?) Australia LUG that is scheduled to coincide with a Rugby Game between Australia and New Zealand. Incorporate Rugby sports and philosophy into the presentation of effective end user administration. End presentation with several pints of Fosters and maybe a Koala or two dancing on the screen. Clearly, I am the first to come up with that idea and it should be explored further.

Czeck LUG Experience

Be invited to present at the Czeck LUG that will be held at Czesky Budejovice. . My topic would probably be how to improve Lotus Connections deployments with the help of Budvar – a sure winner in my mind.  Anything  and everything works better when consuming some of the world’s best beer and it helps take the pain away from dealing with CA’s SiteMinder product. SSO at it’s worst . . . . .

And last but no least –

Be the Featured presenter at the All-France LUG in Moissac

This one is easy – my paternal grandmother was from Moissac and supposedly there is a handbag of hers still somewhere there int he municipal lost-and-found center that I could lick up. Also, it is some of the most beautiful country in France and has good food and nice people (after all, Grandma was from there) – we could then make part two of the LUG happen at Toulouse … just an idea.

Well, here you have it – my top LUG wishes. Now all we need is the power of social media and Santa Claus to make these wishes come true.

Technology documentation and the time it takes to read all that stuff …..

I speed read, I learned it a long time ago and it is the only way for me to keep up with all the information I need to take in and study to keep up-to-date on technology. sometimes I really think all the “lifetime of learning” stuff sux as it takes away all that time from golf and my dogs …aaehhhh and the kids AND the wife of course!

But I digress – one of the ways I deal with this issue is speed reading. I can take in long texts with good comprehension and retain it well when I speed read. Quieting the inner voice, skimming over pages faster than the eye can follow to just “take it in” all that. I usually tend to print allot if I want to speed read as I use the technique that makes your eye follow the fingers. That technique does not work well for me when reading on a computer screen that sits in front of me on the desk. I don’t have an electronic reader device (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.) and I imagine I could use the technique there as well but on a computer screen it is hard.

Enter the play from left stage:

One of the other consultants here at the client I am working at currently introduced me to this website and I love it. Basically you can highlight a chunk of text, click on a button on your toolbar and it takes you to where it then flashes the words in front of you ion the screen. Using I can read at speeds in par with my “manual” technique as the site allows you to control how many words it flashes at a go, how fast it goes though a text, font size, etc. . .

Every day I have to go through multiple 1000 – 5000 word technical articles, knowledge base documents and often I just don’t have the time to do print and read right before a meeting or a presentation when I might need that information. Now I feel I can. My normal “cruising speed” is somewhere around 550 – 600 words/minute for good comprehension, and faster when I just want an overview of the document content. Now I can even go though documentation WHILE SITTING IN THE MEETING and then be able to talk about it. is free, they also have links to software that will teach you how to speed read and I might look into that. I am trying to increase my speed to an average of 850 – 900 words/min and above if I can. l maybe that SW will help, who knows.

Go and give it a try – and here an official THANKS to Jim Knight who introduced me to and a shameless plug for you to visit his site and have a look at his products.

Disclaimer 1: No animals were harmed in the process of creating this podcast

Disclaimer 2: I get zilch, zip, nothing and a big, fat NADA from either or Lavatech for this article