IBM Connections – New Project

Just a quick update:

I have been on a new project with a new client since the beginning of December in NYC- very exciting stuff! We are working on setting up a brand spanking new IBM Connections 3.0.1 infrastructure inside of a technologically very advanced environment. I can’t really speak about the client nor project details but I can tell you that I am working with his Greatness; The King of Connections; The Mullah of Cyber-Funk; The Sultan of Socialness and Duke of Collaboration  – The Supreme Grand Master himself: Stuart McIntyre. (room for your applause …).

I am not sure if he was aware of what he signed up to when he found out that I was on the project as well but he is caught in the spider’s web now and there is no escape … the world will never be the same for him from here onwards. 🙂

So, I will be blogging a bit more about Connections over the next few months, I hope to be able to bring a few interesting tidbits to the web. Tune in for the exciting news coming to your screens soon … 🙂


TDI 7.1 training in the UK – Maidenhead

I just came across this online and thought I would share.

There is not allot of TDI training to be found in the wild unless you request it specifically (at least here in the US) unless you are looking for free on-line tutorials etc. (e.g.: webcasts etc.) Reading the ad this training looks rather detailed and I know one of the the “blokes” who is involved in running the course. I assume it will pretty good from a content standpoint but I don’t know any more details about the facilities.

I can’t tell is £1200 is fair, reasonable, acceptable or outright theft (I have no concept of European or even just UK prices) but go check out the webpage and take a look.

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop training course: Skills 1st Ltd

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop

Learn to build and debug directory synchronisation solutions using TDI.

Learn how to use TDI as an adaptor between different protocols.

TDI is a very flexible toolkit for moving data from one system to another, cleaning and re-formatting it on the way. You can build directory synchronisation systems, format converters, and even put LDAP or SNMP interfaces onto existing relational databases. The latest version of TDI uses the Eclipse development environment, and it runs on almost every operating-system on the market.

This 3-day workshop-based training course will take you rapidly through the steep part of the learning curve so that you can build useful solutions straight away. The exercises use TDI 7.1. The differences from TDI 7.0 and earlier versions will also be discussed where appropriate.

Lotus Protector – So I was not imagining it after all …. the disappearing toolbar


Just came across this one – finally proof that I was not imagining things.

While doing some testing for the Lotus Protector presentation I gave last month for Chris Miller’sConsultant in your Pocket webcast series I had noticed some inconsistencies in the Lotus Protector tool bar appearing and not appearing. I wrote it off to the thrown together, garbage test environment I set up (remote access, VPN, VMWare clients with fixed IPs, etc.) so I was not concerned and did not investigate further when it re-appeared after restarting the client and the Lotus Protector box .. I conveniently swept that one out of y concious train of thought and prayed that it would not happen during the presentation.

This tech-note sets me fee and now I can feel *a bit* more innocent again … I have found someone else to blame, my image as No-Stick-Teflon-Vic is re-established and untarnished.

IamLUG: What comes next? Consultant in your Pocket

This is a place for a shameless plug: IamLUG is free, you most likely did not come because you are so cheap, free is still to expensive as it includes travel expenses. Or, maybe – if you are lucky, you can deflect blame to your company that they are too cheap. In any case, you are missing out on good education and a chance to learn something new and drink allot in the evening.

So, now you are in the hunt fo the next best thing: free webinars …. enter the “Consultant in your pocket” series.You can sit in front of your computer, wear your fluffy bunny slippers and do not need to shave or brush your teeth – it does not get any better than that.

Here the shameless lug: I will be hosting one of those on Sept. 1st about Lotus Protector. Almost as good as IamLUG – maybe better as you will not have to look at my but only will need to listen.