IamLUG: Quikr Multi Lingual

This is interesting, Viktor just showed how Quikr will change the display language automatically just by changing the browser language setting. Nothing you need to do, built-in into the server.

One server, any language. Instant.

This does not translate the content you create, but the framework itself. Awesome!

IamLUG: Quickr session by Snapps

A picture of Viktor K. Who is my evil (and taller-than-me, fellow P90X’er) twin. Evil because he is a developer. If he did not have such an awesome first name I would have to actually dislike him.

Next to him is Troy (nice fella, although he too is a developer). In the front row left, black t-shirt is Mr Quickr himself, Rob Novak. I will not make a character judgment of him based on his developer-ness, as I fear to be banished from all Quickr servers by evil voodoo from here on forth otherwise.

IamLUG: SecurTrac demo – interesting!

Sitting in the vendor session on SecurTrack – I have been looking at this product for a client and am liking more every time I look at it. Monitoring for anal retentive types.
Pricing is by server and for IamLUG attendees you get 1 free server license for every 2 licenses you buy ….. until the end of November which is a realistic time schedule.