IBM Support – Change to AVP Telephone Support Processes

This fluttered across my desk today at a client site I am currently working at. It appears that if y are an AVP client (Accelerated Value Program) IBM will no longer get you right to a technician if you call in a ticket but rather wants you to enter it online and wait for a call back. At my current client this is the standard way of operating and the call backs are rather quick – however I have been at other sites where those cal backs have taken somewhat longer in the past. I don’t think there will be much change but I will keep my eyes open and the stopwatch at hand.

I am generally rather happy with IBM support, though some of my clients feel they to often try to solve their problems by asking them (the clients) to upgrade … let’s not get into that discussion as upgrades and point releases in large companies can be compared to the logistical equivalent of clearing a minefield.


Here from the email:

Dear IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Client:

We are pleased you chose IBM to provide high-quality solutions for your business and information systems needs. This email is to inform you that Lotus is making a change in their approach to provide support delivery. Below is an explanation of those changes that will directly affect how you receive ongoing support for your Lotus branded software.

In order to ensure consistency across the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program, effective Monday, January 2, 2012, Lotus will move to call-back mode for all PMRs. Customers will have the option to open PMRs via Electronic Service Request (SR), already a choice of the majority of our customers, or by calling 1-800-IBMSERV or your local country equivalent.

IBM Service Request (SR) is a worldwide, Web-based problem submission and tracking tool available in the IBM Support Portal and is a method of choice by many of our clients. Service Request is available 7×24 and allows you to open PMRs and to check the status of your PMR without having to call IBM and at a time that it is most convenient to you.

Our customers tell us that increased access to information and the ability to be self-sufficient in finding the solutions they need when they need them provides the optimum capability to manage their IT infrastructure. Lotus has an array of tools that make it easy or you. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, we invite you to learn more at Lotus Support — Just a click away! In addition, the IBM Support Portal also has many special features available only to IBM Accelerated Value clients. We are committed to meeting the evolving requirements of our customers and continue to focus on enhancing the tools and support we provide.

All of us in the Lotus Technical Support organization and the Accelerated Value Program team look forward to assisting with your software support needs. We are here to help you achieve maximum benefit from your investment in IBM software and support services.

If you have questions at any time about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Domino: DAOS & Transactional logging error – “…Log file is full” results in server hang

While perusing the IBM site and reviewing new technotes and SPRs I came across this one: 1440744

Basically it pertains to DAOS and transactional logging and a potential issue. The work-around is classic – call IBM and see if they can create a HF for you … wonderful. The reported SW version is 8.5 and the wording is

“…is expected to be fixed in an upcoming release of Lotus Notes/Domino”

so now I’ll go through the fix lists of 8.5.1 and (hopefully soon) 8.5.2 to see if this SPR was fixed there.

******************* Technote details ************************

Error: “…Log file is full” results in server hang

Technote (troubleshooting)


In Lotus Domino, transaction logging and Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) are enabled. However, every day the server hangs with the following error message; “Recovery Manager: Log File is Full”, necessitating a restart of the server.

Sample error in the console log:

[373070:00094-23131] RmFlush: Error calling DbDirGetBlockByDbiid for

DBIID E384E10C [span = 1649084K recLSN = 00002605-A2C3AE74] : Entry not found in index

[373070:00094-23131] RmFlush: Error calling DbDirGetBlockByDbiid for

DBIID E384E10C [span = 1690445K recLSN = 00002605-A2C3AE74] : Entry not found in index


[373070:00094-23131] RmFlush: Error calling DbDirGetBlockByDbiid for

DBIID E384E10C [span = 4000889K recLSN = 00002605-A2C3AE74] : Entry not found in index

When the span reaches 4G, the following error appears:

[495858:00002-00001] [datetime] Unable to update entry in catalog (for mail/xxx.nsf): Recovery Manager: Log file is full

Resolving the problem

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# FLII8453UR and is expected to be fixed in an upcoming release of Lotus Notes/Domino. If you experience this situation, contact Product Support to see if a hotfix is available for your particular configuration.

via IBM – Error: “…Log file is full” results in server hang.