SKILug – Who will brave the slopes with me?

I hope you have seen the posting by Bill Malchisky on his blog – SKILug is open for reservations. I will be attending and taking the whoel family (wife, prodigal son, dancing daughter) and am greatly looking forward to it.

I grew up in Vermont (Killington area) and Austria (yes, THE AUSTRIA – where the alps are and skiiig is not considered sport but rather another form of religion) and am looking forward to some skiing in Maine. Let’s see what Maine has to offer – I am pretty picky when it comes to skiing and this one looks like a beaut!

The dates are Feb 25-27, 2011 – go to the official website and have a look. The content is still being worked on – but no fear – it will be technical but not so much as to overheat your brain and take too much time from the slopes. I am also planning to offer some morning stretch and warm-up sessions – pre-skiing stretching should be part of every day at the slopes, along with some cool-down stretching after you finish as well. That keeps skiers safe and pains and aches at a minimum.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and sign up, we are hoping for a nice crowd!

TDI 7.1 training in the UK – Maidenhead

I just came across this online and thought I would share.

There is not allot of TDI training to be found in the wild unless you request it specifically (at least here in the US) unless you are looking for free on-line tutorials etc. (e.g.: webcasts etc.) Reading the ad this training looks rather detailed and I know one of the the “blokes” who is involved in running the course. I assume it will pretty good from a content standpoint but I don’t know any more details about the facilities.

I can’t tell is £1200 is fair, reasonable, acceptable or outright theft (I have no concept of European or even just UK prices) but go check out the webpage and take a look.

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop training course: Skills 1st Ltd

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop

Learn to build and debug directory synchronisation solutions using TDI.

Learn how to use TDI as an adaptor between different protocols.

TDI is a very flexible toolkit for moving data from one system to another, cleaning and re-formatting it on the way. You can build directory synchronisation systems, format converters, and even put LDAP or SNMP interfaces onto existing relational databases. The latest version of TDI uses the Eclipse development environment, and it runs on almost every operating-system on the market.

This 3-day workshop-based training course will take you rapidly through the steep part of the learning curve so that you can build useful solutions straight away. The exercises use TDI 7.1. The differences from TDI 7.0 and earlier versions will also be discussed where appropriate.