NYC Lotusbeer – Location, Location, Location!

The location of the upcoming NYC Lotusbeer, starring the indomitable Paul Mooney has been decided upon:

Monday, Aug. 13th – starting at 6:00 PM – ending at … who knows

Maggie’s Place

21 E. 47th Str., between Madison Ave and 5th Ave


IF FOR SOME REASON Maggies Place is so full with all them damn tourists and other drinking folk, we will just move the whole shindig to the other side of the road and go to Connolly’s Pub which is just opposite on 47th Str.


If you for some reason can’t find us in either location, we have been arrested for disorderly behavior and are awaiting sentencing in some jail-hole somewhere …..


Updates: just follow my twitter stream at  @vtoal and the hash tag #lotusbeer that day, if plans change I will post it. If there are good, embarrassing pictures to be had, I will post them too.


If anybody really believes the short and funny-talkin’ PMOONEY guy and thinks I will spring for any beers, then you are crazy …. let’s just put that out there for sure. I am a cheap bastard and proud of it.

And there shall be a …. LotusBeer (NYC)

Yes, there has been no good LotusBeer in a while so I decided to shanghai a buddy and fly him in from the Emerald Island …. just for you.

The Sultan of Security, the Grand Vizir of Presentations, the Master of Disguise and Supreme Grand-Poopah of IBM Technology (that is an official title) – Paul Mooney will be here in the flesh.

Monday, Aug 13. – starting sometime around 6 PM – the location is still secret so we keep the Paparazzi from installing listening devices and reserving tables right next to his exhaultedness, the Olympian Champion of all Admins.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the location ….

Mooning, Beer and the Exalted one

If this title did not spike interest, nothing will … 😉

Paul’s blog post

Paul Mooney ( a.k.a. the Mooney-Meister, Moon-Man, the Mooner) is in the NYC area soon and Mitch Cohen and I jumped (virtually) on him, nailed him to the wall and force-fed him gefilte fish until he consented to a Lotus Beer. Frankly, it did not take much convincing, he is after all Irish, but we did rough him up a bit just to make sure he really shows. From what I hear, Kathleen McGivney will show as well, it promises to be an eclectic gathering of veritable Lotus Stardom – much like the Lotus version of the British Royal Wedding sans the interesting hat culture.

The date of this shindig is MAY 18 (WED) sometime around 7 PM and thereafter. The place that shall live in infamy is  Mustang Sally’s Pub/Bar.

We will not be reserving any seats/tables or anything, whoever shows is welcome, we will have to make sure the assembled Lotus geekdom behaves so the real drinking patrons make some room at the bar for us and don’t kick us out. Don’t anybody order Appletinis please …

See y’all there!