Just in Time for #LS12 – A new IT Job website for Social Software

Just in time for Lotusphere 2012:


This new job site is dedicated to IT jobs in the social media / social software, collaboration and messaging technology fields. Free for job seekers it is aiming  to give IT staff with “social” in their portfolio a place to showcase their skills and search for new opportunities. If happen to not be actively looking it is still a great place to just “park” your resume and see what kind of offers might be out there.

If you are a consultant who is always looking for your next project in the technology field that is experiencing the largest growth of any segment out there – we have allot of staffing comanies waiting for your resume to pop up on their searches.

SSMCJOBS.COM aims to be technology agnostic, so even though this blog of mine is IBM technology centered SSMCJOBS.COM is not. IBM, MS, Socialtext, Alfresco, Jive … the list is long and they are all looking for resources for their next project.


Go have a look – SSMCJOBS.COM is open for business!