Websphere Technote: Application Server does not start – OSGi permission issue


This one just came in via a feed. I ran into this recently during my first forray into WAS 8 … The errors kicking in were a great way to develop my shaky WAS confidence. I solved it because i deal with Linux allot and access rights/file rights are a commkn problem when a team use different/personal IDs when installing systems instead of a common account. Both are acceptable as long as everybody plays by the rules.

For my friends from the Domino world this is similar to a Domino server not having the correct rights to system databases and therfor crashing. Does not happen often but is can.

WAS is not hard, jump in and learn! 

Configuration step recommendation for Sametime stand-alone MUX to enable load balancing


I have been researching some Sametime issues and came across this config item. The MUX is one of my favorite Sametime components as it can really drastically increase your system’s capacity for concurrent active accounts (awaremenss and chat). I will be trying thissetting out in my own system soon.